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The goal of viscomp is to provide several visualization tools for exploring the behavior of the components in a network meta-analysis of multi-component (complex) interventions:

  • components descriptive analysis
  • heat plot of the two-by-two component combinations
  • leaving one component combination out scatter plot
  • violin plot for specific component combinations’ effects
  • density plot for components’ effects
  • waterfall plot for the interventions’ effects that differ by a certain component combination
  • network graph of components
  • rank heat plot of components for multiple outcomes.


You can install the development version of viscomp like so:


How to use viscomp

We illustrate how to use viscomp in the vignette:

vignette("viscomp", package = "viscomp")

How to cite viscomp


Seitidis, G., Tsokani, S., Christogiannis, C., Kontouli, K. M., Fyraridis, A., Nikolakopoulos, S., Veroniki, A. A., & Mavridis, D. (2022). viscomp: Visualize Multi-component Interventions in Network Meta-Analysis (Version 1.0.0).


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